Valley Of The Heart’s Delight

Valley Of The Heart’s Delight

7% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft

Batch 3 Available January 2016

This sour beer is inspired by the Santa Clara Valley’s agricultural roots, back when it was a fertile basin filled with fruit orchards known as The Valley of the Heart’s Delight. We collaborated with the local non-profit organization Garden to Table to source foraged apricots, dates, and mulberries for this wine barrel-aged sour blonde ale. Fruit purchase proceeds support urban farming education in San Jose.

Farm to Barrel

Our Farm to Barrel beers focus on the eons-old tradition of aging beers in oak barrels. This American wild ale was aged in used wine casks with our house “Dogpatch” sour culture, a cocktail of wild Belgian and American yeasts, including San Francisco sourdough starter. The yeasts slowly morph the beer from a traditional ale into something wild, creating a mild acidic bite as well as pulling oak and vanilla flavors from the barrel. After maturing, the barrels are blended together—creating a vinous, delicate beer that captures the essence of a particular harvest. Farm to Barrel Beers are alive in the bottle, and will continue to mature gracefully for several years. Batch 1 released February 2014, brewed with apricots, loquats and cherries.

Garden to Table’s mission is to create a sustainable local food system that builds community, improves access to healthy food, and teachers residents how to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables. We do this by harvesting and donating fruit from neglected trees, teaching garden and nutrition education at local elementary schools, working on policies to facilitate urban agriculture, and operating a 1-acre urban farm whose core goal is to generate maximum revenue to support all of our programs. Our ultimate vision is to make urban agriculture economically viable, and then help others scale it up to stimulate healthier communities and happier people.