Single Origin IPA

Single Origin IPA

6.5% ABV | Draft Only

Brewed with 100% hops from Clearlake, California

Almanac is proud to introduce an IPA brewed with 100% California grown hops! Brewed to highlight our local hops, our Single Origin IPA is brewed exclusively using hops harvested from the Hops-MeisterĀ Farm in Clearlake, California. Brewed with Cascade, Gargoyle and Ivanhoe varieties, this aromatic ale has a distinct spicy-floral aroma.

California once overflowed with hop fields. Today, all of those hops have long since been replaced by grape vines, but small hop farms are making a comeback, thanks to farmers like Marty and Claudia Kuchinski at Hops-Meister in Clearlake, California. Tall spires of hops reach for the sky and the air is fragrant with hop aromas. This IPA celebrates the local hop growers in California working hard to revive the lost tradition of harvesting hops in the California hills.