Hoppy Sour: Amarillo

Hoppy Sour: Amarillo 

6.8% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft

Hoppy Sour: Amarillo is a celebration of the fruit flavors that lie within the pernicious weed.  We combined a brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented in foedres with an intense IPA-style dry hop. The result is a melange of peach, pineapple and tangerine aromas and flavors that blend magically with brett’s trademark funk and minerality. This hoppy—but not bitter—sipper is a versatile complement to a broad range of dishes including sweet Belgian waffles, savory grilled halibut and Waldorf salads.

Hoppy Sour Series

Our Farm to Barrel beers follow the age-old tradition of maturing beer in oak casks. Each Hoppy Sour release begins with a blend of barrel-aged sour blonde ale and brettanomyces-fermented farmhouse ale. Right before bottling this tart and funky brew is generously dry-hopped with a single variety of hop to create a delicious contradiction of flavor and style.