Cognac Barrel Noir

Cognac Barrel Noir

COGNAC_BARREL_NOIR_MED10% ABV | 375ml bottles & limited draft

Available February 2015

This very limited release is our love letter to barrel aging. We started with a huge imperial stout brewed with a selection of our favorite dark-roasted malts. Then we aged the beer for over a year in Rémy Martin Cognac puncheons—double sized oak barrels—where the beer breathed in the rich oak, vanilla and Cognac aromatics of the barrels, resulting in this contemplative black ale, overflowing with bold coffee, chocolate and brandy flavors.

Farm to Barrel
Our Farm To Barrel beers build on the eons old tradition of aging beers in oak casks. This robust American stout was aged in used Remy Martin barrels for over a year. Inside the casks, this hearty black ale gradually matured, slowly pulling out hints of brandy toast and spice as well as oak and vanilla flavors.