California Table Beer : Honey Saison

Honey Saison

4.8% ABV | 12oz bottles & draftHONEY_SAISON_4pk

Our Honey Saison is a beer for all seasons. Brewed with Bay Area honey from Marshall Farms, wheat, California two-row barley, French oak and fresh, local ginger root for a hint of spice. Balanced with earthy Mount Hood and Saaz hops, this is a refreshing brew enjoyed best with your favorite seasonal fare.


This light crisp ale pairs well with a wide range of dishes, but can really shine with stir-fried Chinese food, crispy fried chicken or rich triple cream cheeses.

About the Farm:

Marshall’s Farm is based out of American Canyon in Wine Country, but they maintain over seventy hives throughout the bay area. Spencer and Helene Marshall then blend from migratory bee hives placed in wildflower fields to make their Bay Area Blend.  The result is a honey that represents a wide collection wildflowers of the bay area in one unique honey.