California Fresh Hop Ale

Brewed with 100% California-grown ingredients, featuring fresh hops from Kuchinski Family Hop Farm in Clearlake, California and hand-harvested barley from Palo Alto, California

6% ABV | Draft Only

Available September 2012


Almanac is proud to introduce our first wet-hopped ale! Brewed with 100% California-grown ingredients, this bright and refreshing ale highlights hops fresh off the bine. Picked early in the morning and in the brew kettle by early afternoon, our Fresh Hop Ale balances bright hops (Cascade, Chinook, Ivanhoe and Gargoyle varietals) with locally-grown malted barley to create a truly special seasonal beer. Best enjoyed fresh, this limited draft-only offering signals the coming of fall.

About Our Malt:

Our Fresh Hop Ale features crystal malt grown by Graham Anderson on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California. A passionate homebrewer and biology grad student, Graham reached out to us and asked if we’d have any use for locally-grown barley (malt). We enthusiastically said, “YES!”, and a few weeks later found ourselves helping harvest a small field of barley by hand. The cut barley was then dried outdoors for several days before being malted by hand. The resulting crystal malt provides a touch of color to the beer, and a biscuity backbone to balance the fresh hops.  For the full version of his story, complete with pictures of every step, check out his posts to homebrew forums.




About Our Hops:

California once overflowed with hop fields. Today, all of those hops have long since been replaced by grapes, but small farm hops are making a comeback, thanks to farmers like Marty and Claudia Kuchinski at Hops-Meister Hop Farm in Clearlake, California. Tall spires of hops reach for the sky and the air is fragrant with hop aromas. We selected freshly picked Cascade, Chinook, Gargoyle and Ivanhoe hops to provide a delicate herbal character to our brew, and a uniquely California terroir to the aroma.