Almanac 3rd Anniversary Tap Takeover
Toronado San Francisco, Wed Aug 13th @ 6pm

Join us at Toronado to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!  We’re taking over the taps, and putting up just about everything we’ve ever made.  Come raise a glass to with us to three amazing years of beer, and the fantastic community that has supported us.


Farmer’s Reserve 1
Farmer’s Reserve 2
Farmer’s Reserve 3
Farmer’s Reserve 4
Dogpatch Sour (batch 1)
Dogpatch Sour (batch 2)
Dogpatch Strawberry
Heirloom Pumpkin (batch 1)
Heirloom Pumpkin (batch 2)
Dark Pumpkin Sour
Farmer’s Reserve Citrus
Farmer’s Reserve Pluot
Sourdough Wild Ale
Brady Barrel Peche
Valley of the Heart’s Delight
Bourbon Sour Porter
Barrel Noir
Almanac IPA
Golden Gate Gose
Saison Dolores
+ More