Hamada Farm | Kingsburg, CA | Dec. 28, 2011

Written by jesse on January 9, 2012

Hamada Farm is situated in Kingsburg, California, a quiet hamlet just south of Fresno. First established by Cliff’s great-grandfather Shotaro Hamada in 1921, this family run farm now produces a bountiful selection of year round fruits.

We visited the farm at the height of citrus season just before the new year to pick out the perfect blend of oranges for our brew. Cliff proudly displayed his wares as they came in from the field, and showed us around much of his

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Chef Brett Cooper + Farmhouse Pale

Written by jesse on October 17, 2011

Chef Brett Cooper was nice enough to let us into his kitchen as he prepared a pairing to go with our Farmhouse Pale with Plums.  What he came up with was simply delicious: local black cod atop a mix of seasonal beans with a mushroom-umeboshi stock. Here is how he put the dish together:

Local black cod is seared, then moved to the oven to finish.

In another

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Twin Girls Farm: Yettem, CA

Written by jesse on October 5, 2011

Twin Girls Farm is an amazing place. Located just southeast of Fresno against the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, it’s a patchwork quilt of organic farmland pieced together over several decades by the Sanchez family. Nestled in the quiet town of Yettem, California (population 211!), Nacho and his wife Cassi run a great operation—one they take great pride in showing off. On a hot, late summer day in September, we drove down to walk through the orchards, taste

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Almanac Beer – The Movie!

Written by jesse on June 27, 2011

When Turnstyle News asked if they could bring a camera to film us at our early stages of launching Almanac Beer, we enthusiastically said yes.  What neither we nor Kai (the man behind the camera) could know was just how long of a trip it would be.  As our launch process dragged on, Kai was there, delay after delay, peering at us through his camera.   And when we finally were ready to launch, he was there too.

What Kai captured on

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Blending & Bottling Summer 2010 Vintage

Written by jesse on June 2, 2011

After years of work, paperwork and anticipation, it feels almost surreal to type these words: Almanac Beer Co’s inaugural release is finally here. On June 30th, we’ll begin releasing 750ml bottles in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all of our hard work will be available on draught, in bottles and in your glass. Here’s how we got there.

After 11 months of aging in red wine barrels, our beer was ready for blending. We pulled samples from every

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Barrel Tasting

Written by jesse on January 4, 2011

As the bottling and release of our first beer gets closer, we’re taking the opportunity to taste the beer inside the barrels to see how the aging process is coming along.

Each barrel is carefully opened, and a sterilized glass whiskey thief is slipped in to retrieve a sample.

Name Change!

Written by jesse on December 15, 2010

So, a funny thing happened on the way to opening our brewery. We found out, very late in the process, that our name — Old Oak Beer Co.— wasn’t quite as available as we thought.  After a lot of hand wringing, beer drinking, and careful consideration over how much legal risk we could bear, we decided to err on the side of caution and preemptivly change the name of our brewery. So…

We’re excited to announce that from now on, we’ll be

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Local: Mission Eatery

Written by jesse on September 28, 2010

Local: Mission Eatery is a great new restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District. They’re a casual eatery by day and modern American bistro, bakery, food lab and cookbook library by night. Aiming to be more than just a restaurant—they want to be a space for the community to gather and get involved in a truly local culinary experience. The space is beautifully designed—an exposed kitchen looks out onto a dining room replete with reclaimed wood surfaces and local

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Summer 2010 | Sebastopol Berry Farm

Written by jesse on September 28, 2010

One morning in mid-July, we left the cool fog of San Francisco behind and drove into the “real” summer that lies north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Nestled deep in wine country is Sebastopol Berry Farm.  The multi-generational Vigil family grows a variety of blackberries and blueberries on a small eleven-acre plot.  Our hosts graciously showed us around the farm and encouraged us to eat berries fresh from the bushes. Always grown sustainably, the berries are never  sprayed

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