Sausage Making with Fatted Calf

As long as man has been stuffing ground anonymous bits of pork into other unmentionable parts of the pig, he has also been pairing it with beer.   Beer and sausage are such a natural pairing that it’s the gold standard of baseball games and most Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” episodes.  We decided to up the ante a bit in the sausage and beer game, and paired up with Taylor of Fatted Calf to do it.


Taylor tasted our new Biere de Mars with Fennel and almost instantly knew what he wanted to do with it.  Building on the fennel base already in the beer, he created a lightly smoked cooked salami that layer beer and fennel on top of the natural sweetness of the pork.  Finally the stuffed salami is lightly smoked and steamed in the beer for one last layer of beer-goodness.

Sliced thin on a crostini with a small salad it’s a great accompaniment to the beer, puling out the earthy fennel flavors and bitter backbone.  Available this spring at the SF & Napa Fatted Calf stores.

Here is how he made it:

Pouring Beer

Fennel Pollen

Adding Fennel Pollen

Adding Beer




Filling the Casing

Filling the Casing

Tying Off

Tying Off

Filling the Casing