Almanac Beer – The Movie!

When Turnstyle News asked if they could bring a camera to film us at our early stages of launching Almanac Beer, we enthusiastically said yes.  What neither we nor Kai (the man behind the camera) could know was just how long of a trip it would be.  As our launch process dragged on, Kai was there, delay after delay, peering at us through his camera.   And when we finally were ready to launch, he was there too.

What Kai captured on film (or, digital film anyway) was us transforming from two guys who wanted to start a brewery, to two guys who did start a brewery.   Then he edited the whole thing together to make it look like we planned it that way the whole time.

Farm to Barrel from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

Thanks Kai for making us look so good, and helping us tell the story behind Almanac so well!

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