Name Change!

So, a funny thing happened on the way to opening our brewery. We found out, very late in the process, that our name — Old Oak Beer Co.— wasn’t quite as available as we thought.  After a lot of hand wringing, beer drinking, and careful consideration over how much legal risk we could bear, we decided to err on the side of caution and preemptivly change the name of our brewery. So…

We’re excited to announce that from now on, we’ll be known as Almanac Beer Co.

The decision wasn’t one we took lightly, and now that it’s done, we feel great about it. In fact, we might like it even more than that old name that we don’t remember anymore. Just as a Farmer’s Almanac records the weather year after year, our beers are a reflection of seasons past. By integrating fresh-from-the-vine (or tree, or bush) produce into each limited release, we record each season’s unique character in a bottle. Our process allows the natural ebb and flow of the weather to influence the final beer, and our new name reflects this process even more.

Speaking of the beer—it’s doing just fine. Our first release has been quietly hibernating through the fall in wine barrels, slowly absorbing notes of vanilla and toasted oak, rounding out the flavors of the final brew.

Lucky for us, the name change didn’t hold up the licensing process. In fact we’re expecting our final permits very soon. We’re scheduled to bottle just after the New Year, which means we will (finally) be launching in early February—just in time for San Francisco Beer Week.

We’ve got some GREAT stuff up our sleeves for beer week. So be sure to check our website at for the latest updates and event details and make sure to sign up for our newsletter. So get ready, and come hungry and thirsty.

– Jesse & Damian

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